Digital Dentistry Revolution Comes To The Mid-West

Digital dentistry revolution comes to the Mid-West as Bowe Dental Clinic invests in 3D Digital CT scanner in it’s latest expansion phase which you can read about in this weeks Limerick Post.. and we are not stopping there!

Dr Bowe recently returned from London after completed a Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology postgraduate education course to learn further skills and bring back the most advanced and proven techniques to Limerick.

This non invasive scanning technique combined with 3D Digital software allows Dr Bowe to asses the patients mouth and perform virtual surgery in a high tech virtual world.

Bowe Dental Clinic now has the scanning machine, the 3D software and the clinical skills to interpret the scans. We are better prepared and have a better understanding of each patients unique circumstances than ever before.

Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D X-Ray Scanner

As Dr Bowe explains “Having this information before any treatment allows me to create optimal treatment plans for each individual patient. It also expands diagnostic and treatment capabilities which means we are able to perform minimally invasive treatments. The advantages to the patient are significant with less pain and swelling, better communication, less downtime and less apprehension before surgery because they know what’s going to happen”

I am delighted with our results. This investment  gives me the opportunity to provide very high quality treatment with confidence and predictability. We are in the digital age of dentistry and must embrace these technologies and learn how to use them efficiently to better care for our patients”

And Bowe Dental Clinic are not stopping there! The clinic intends to further invest in 3D technology with plans to bring 3D digital printing into the clinic. This means patients won’t even need an impression or a mound, we will just email their crown files to our engineering department to get it made and it will be back in an hour!

To quote Dr Bowe.. “now that is going to be mind-blowing for me.. I can’t wait!”