Patient Story – Paddy

Paddy is a man in his 60s from Co. Clare who came to see us 6 months ago.

He was having major trouble with an upper denture, his lower teeth were failing and he thought they looked awful.
He said “I have been to a number of dentists and dental mechanics and although they tried their best I just wasn’t able to comfortably wear any denture that they made”. He informed me that “They are always loose; food is getting in underneath them and it’s getting embarrassing at this stage”

He had heard of dental implants and didn’t know if they would suit him, but his wife encouraged him to find out his options. Paddy told me that he didn’t want “doggie dentures” or the Hollywood smile. All he wanted was for them to be “presentable, comfortable and tight”.

After listening to Paddy’s wishes I assessed and scanned him. All the options were explained and after thinking about them for a few days Paddy decided to have dental implants.

I saw Paddy recently for his check up in our Roxboro clinic. His upper teeth are tight and stable, and he told me that he is very happy with the results. He said “I’m really glad I went for the treatment. The implants are great and in fairness it was much easier than I expected. I just needed a bit of paracetamol and I was grand.”

Thanks very much to Paddy for letting us share his story and photos! 😊