ciara-jenningsMary from Limerick recently visited the clinic for a free Implant Consultation.

Many of the issues that Mary described are common to many of our patients. Mary had described them so well, I felt it would help other patients who feel the same way to realise, that there is an alternative to feeling embarrassed about their dentures.

Here are a few of the things Mary said

  • I felt uncomfortable eating especially when I was out.
  • I used to love to eat fruit and would love to be able to bite into an apple again.
  • My dentures often cause me pain and discomfort
  • When I’m talking I usually feel the top denture moving and I think, oh did someone see that.
  • Sometimes when I talk I have to repeat myself and some people find me hard to understand.
  • My grandson would say what did you say Nanny.
  • When my family come to visit, we generally go out to dinner and I sometimes I feel like the food is not going down properly. I have a feeling that it’s getting stuck because I haven’t chewed properly.

I love working in Bowe Dental Clinic because I can see how much patient’s lives can be improved. It’s all about the small things in life. Being able to eat nice food, going out with friends without having to worry about your dentures moving and generally being more confident as a result of the treatment.