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Meet Paula, Stephen, Barry and Ena who all describe their recent experience receiving Dental Implants at Bowe Dental Clinic!


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We have received a number of testimonials on our Facebook page over the past few months, here is one of the most recent:

“Before my treatment I had spent thirty years wearing top partial dentures. Over the years all the dentures I was given never ever seemed to fit correctly.The dentures I had stop me from doing basic things such as eating and quite often they fell out at the least opportune moments. The dentures I had for over thirty years never looked anyway realistic. Advice from a retired dentist triggered me to visit Dr. Robert Bowe.

The advice I got from Dr. Bowe was to get my dentures surgically implanted. The procedure I got was simple and effective, two small incisions were made in my gum to give the implant support then he got new dentures for me which allowed me to snap them into place which worked like a treat. The experience I had with Dr. Bowe was extremely comfortable and professional and I did not experience any discomfort or pain. I now can eat properly and they look as if they were my natural teeth.

I feel this procedure was great value for my money and for the little time and effort it took for the procedure to be done it was greatly worth it. I have advised countless people to go to Bowe Dental Clinic and those who took my advice greatly appreciated me for recommending them to Dr.Bowe.”

John Ryan (on Facebook)

What some of our other patients had to say!

From my first consultation I was given hope and a promise I could be helped and I was not disappointed
– Kate from Limerick

My procedure gave me back my confidence and I now eat the types of food I have not eaten in years
– Helen from Limerick

My treatment was worth the time, effort and expense, I definitely have no regrets
– Emma from Clare

The comfort I experience now is immense, I no longer think of my teeth as a foreign body
– Stephen from Limerick

I used to avoid smiling, now I think my teeth look amazing so I smile all the time
– Caroline from Limerick

Written Testimonials

Here are a couple of the large number of written testimonials and thank you letters that we have received in our clinic over the years, we have a book of these available to view in the clinic, just ask one of our helpful staff if you want to read them on your next visit.

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