At Bowe Dental Clinic we listen to our patients. We understand that everyone’s dental needs are different. Whether you’re in for a routine check up & cleaning or a filling to a more complex procedure of six month braces or dental implants. Each person is treated the very same, with attention, care and professionalism.

From our many years experience, we here at Bowe Dental Clinic understand your dental issues, and the problems you may experience from them. And you can trust us to help you every time.

Bowe Dental Clinic - General Dentistry

Our Philosophy

Since Bowe Dental Clinic was set up in 2009, we have successfully treated thousands of people like you. We’ve learned through the years to listen more and more. We have discovered that dentistry is not just about teeth, but also about what you want and what your expectations are. Dentistry is about you and your teeth. It’s about fixing your dental problems, which in turn lets you get on with your life in a more confident and pain free manner.

So our Philosophy is simple. It’s about you the person and listening attentively to what your needs and expectations are. We’ve performed every treatment successfully hundreds of times and have the expertise to help you. We spend time at the start of every appointment  to listen to you and understand the problems you’re having with your teeth. Only then can we develop a proper plan for you and give you options as to the best course of action to help you. We’ll then provide expert care, attention and treatment in order to fix the issues you have with your teeth and give you what you really want.


Our team of Dentists have over 40 years dental experience between them. Similarly our Dental Nurses and Hygienists have over 30 years experience on their team.


All our staff undergo continuous training both in Ireland and overseas to ensure they stay fully informed and up to speed on all the latest developments and procedures relevant to them. This ensures that as a team we can offer you the best care and attention.

Care & Trust

We take our time with all our patients. You can trust us to listen and respond to your concerns. Most importantly you can trust us to understand your issues and deliver the best solution possible. And if you happen to be a nervous patient, that’s not a problem. We’ll give extra time and the reassurance you need to make your visit as easy as possible.

Success Rate

Over 97% of the patients that come to us with dental problems and in need of one of our more complex procedures, such as six month braces or dental implants, are successfully treated at our clinic.

Innovative Dental Solutions

We use only the best quality dental materials in all our procedures and our diagnostic dental equipment is the latest on the market. This ensures our high quality work is always maintained.

Value for Money

You can trust us to provide the best quality service and care at the best possible price. That’s why we discuss with you in advance, the cost of your treatment and all the treatments options available to you. We also regularly check our prices against our competitors both home and abroad. And with some of our more complex procedures we have a payment plan which lets you spread the cost over time, so that the smile you want can be a reality today.

Convenient Locations

All our clinics are conveniently located and we have ample free parking at all 3 locations so you don’t have the worry or expense of finding a parking space before your appointment.