These are the most popular type of brace fitted at Bowe Dental Clinic. It usually involve treating the front teeth only, and the goal is to give our patient the smile they have always wanted.

With the 6 month braces we are able to offer both clear and metal braces. We get many patients who were previously told that their only option was to wear a brace for two years or more. Often this is not the case and the teeth can be straightened in a very reasonable period of time.

How can it be done in 6 months?

The Six Month Braces technique utilises the latest orthodontic technology and techniques to move your teeth quickly and safely. The focus of the treatment is on your front teeth. We do not alter your bite or your back teeth. Our aim is to straighten your front teeth, giving you a beautiful, healthy smile.

Does the Six Month Braces Technique use high forces to move the teeth?

No, the six month brace uses low forces to move the teeth. Special flexible wires are used so we can actually use lower forces to move the teeth faster.

Are Six Month Braces painful?

No. The teeth however may feel a little tender when the braces first go on.

Do you ever extract teeth with the Six Month Braces Technique?

We rarely extract teeth using the Six Month Braces Technique. We prefer to avoid this when there are alternative options available to us.

How often will I need to visit?

Usually you will visit every four weeks for a 20 minute appointment. This is until your treatment is completed and you have the smile you have always wanted.

Does the Six Month Braces technique cost more than conventional Orthodontics?

No, actually since there are fewer visits, the Six Month Braces Technique is less expensive than conventional  Orthodontics. Please see our fees page for details.

Will I have to wear a retainer and can I eat as normal?

Yes, as with all Orthodontics a retainer is necessary. If you do not wear the retainer as prescribed you risk your teeth moving back to the original position.

The retainer is a clear rigid plastic shield moulded to the shape of your new teeth and is very unobtrusive. You can eat most foods when wearing cosmetic braces. Sticky foods such as toffee should be avoided. Drinks such as red wine and coffee and staining foods such as curries, may discolour the elastics on your braces.

When you attend for your check up appointments we will replace the stained elastics for fresh new clear ones.

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