Dr. Anna Breslin (BDS) Dentist at Bowe Dental Clinic

Dr. Anna Breslin



Dr. Anna Breslin BDS graduated with an Honours degree from Cardiff University in 2018. She then went on to work in general practice in the city of Derry for two years before returning to a practice closer to her home on the North Derry coastline for an additional two years.

Anna joined the Bowe Dental family in 2022 and will be working in bouth our Foynes and Roxboro clinics. Anna is a qualified Invisalign and facial aesthetics provider with an interest in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry and hopes to take up a postgraduate diploma in this area in the coming year. Anna also has a keen interest in sports related dentistry. She spent some time working with Impact gumshields with whom she helped fit the senior Ulster rugby team’s gumshields.” ” Dr. Anna prides herself in making patients feel at ease, from the moment they sit in the chair.


  • Roxboro, Foynes